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Trips and activities

Make your vacation active and unforgettable taking advantage of our various offers.


  1. Fishing at Krinetz dam /nearby the hotel/
  2. Mineral beach Dobrinishte / 10% discount for hotel guests /
  3. Horse Riding /per hour or a lesson /
  4. Mountain trekking on horseback with a guide
  5. Ride with a cart or carriage
  6. Presentation of the local cuisine, crafts, customs
  7. Paintball
  8. Rock climbing
  9. Photo-hunting
  10. Riding mountain bikes in Pirin routes with a guide
  11. Rope trolley
  12. Excursions:
  • “Dancing Bears" Park in Belitza;
  • The oldest church on the Balkan Peninsula "St. Theodore Tyron and St. Theodore Stratilat " in the village of Dobarsko;
  • Rila Monastery;
  • Leshten - Kovachevitsa / historical architectural reserve /
  • Rozhen Monastery in Melnik
  • Yagodinska Cave
  • Kavala, Greece
  1. Mountain trekking with a professional guide and varying difficulty to Vihren peak, Vihren Yavorov hut, the mountain lakes – Eye, Fish, Muratovo, Long, Zhabeshko, Bezbog hut, Demianitza hut.
  2. Picnic barbeque in the beautiful mountain scenery
  3. Walks and extreme adventures thru organized routes in Pirin Mountain with ATV and UTV.


For reservations and information, please contact the Reception desk.