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A pet friendly hotel in Bansko

Pets love the mountains too! Your pet is welcome at the St. Ivan Rilski SPA Resort! 

Make yourself comfortable with your dog or cat! *Choose to be accommodated with your pet either in our hotel rooms or in the larger comfortable apartments in the resorts’ villas.* 

*For security reasons, rodents, dangerous or poisonous animals are not allowed in the resort. The fee for accommodating a pet is BGN 20 per day. For accommodation with a pet in the hotel / apartment houses, a one-time deep cleaning fee in the amount of BGN 40/20 is payable upon check-in.

Rules for accommodation with pets 

  • Accommodation with pets is possible only after prior reservation and approval by the hotel.
  • Pets weighing up to 15 kg, vaccinated and with established hygiene habits are allowed.
  • A fee of BGN 10 per day is paid for each pet. For accommodation with a pet in the hotel, a one-time deep cleaning fee in the amount of BGN 30 is payable upon check-in.
  • Pets are not allowed in the restaurants and bars, the SPA Center, the swimming pools and the adjacent parts, as well as in the facilities for children.
  • Pets should not be unleashed in common areas of the resort and should be walked in a safe way, their owner cleaning after them. We can assist with cleaning supplies, please contact R
  • Property damage caused by pets is charged to the guests’ account and is due upon departure from the hotel.
  • Damage caused by a pet to other guests or visitors of the hotel or their property is borne entirely by the pet owner and the hotel is not liable for claims in this regard. In such cases, the hotel has the right to cancel the guests’ accommodation without notice and without penalty.
  • In cases where the pet causes inconvenience to other guests or visitors of the hotel, including (but not limited to) noise from barking, roaring, etc., the owner will be asked to terminate their accommodation in the resort.



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